Saturday, March 31, 2007

American Idol vs. Bob Jones University

Saturday, March 31, 2007 4
If you keep up with pop culture at all you probably heard that Chris Sligh became the latest American Idol casualty this week. You may know Chris as the chubby, bespectacled kid with the Sideshow Bob style curly hair. There was some buzz around him in Christian circles because a couple of his early song choices (including DC Talk and Mute Math) indicated that he might be (gasp) a "Christian Rocker". More details began to emerge, including quotes from his pastor and other folks who listen to him play in the worship band at his church every week. For me, the plot began to thicken when I learned that he was an alumnus of good ol' Bob Jones University, that southern stalwart of old-school fundamentalist seclusion. By the grace of almighty God, I did not attend BJU, but having known some who have and having attended summer camp for many years at one of their indoctrination centers (ok, that may be a little harsh...sorry), I am familiar with their beliefs and rules. It turns out our friend Mr. Sligh was dismissed from BJU one semester shy of graduation. His offense? He attended a concert by a contemporary Christian group called 4Him. Now, for those of you not familiar with 4Him's work, they are the CCM equivalent of Barry Manilow. The kind of plain vanilla, unoffensive music that your church secretary probably listens to. Not something that you would really expect to be kicked out of college for, but this is Bob Jones University we're talking about. Little known fact...BJU is actually one of the 3 holiest places on earth. What are the other 2 you ask? Jerusalem and Pensacola, Fl. So anyway, that was a really long introduction to what I really wanted to post today. When I found out that Chris Sligh got kicked out of BJU for attending a 4Him concert, my first thought was "Wow...if the people at Bob Jones will expel you for listening to 4Him, I'll bet they REEEEEALLLY don't like Demon Hunter". So with that are a couple of my faves for you to enjoy.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

God's Gonna Cut You Down...

Saturday, March 24, 2007 1
Another great song from the Man in Black...

The Only Tournament Greater Than March Madness...

You guessed it...the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament. This is one of the greatest scenes of all time. This little gem was nestled deep in the vines of my mind grapes until I ran across it on Monkeysforhelping last month.

Kreese: "Sweep the leg...You have a problem with that?"
Johnny: "No Sensei"
Kreese: "No Mercy


And as if that scene wasn't filled with enough karate choppin' goodness for is the scene that played on a continous loop in my house until the J-tard and myself literally wore the tape out. I love this so this day I do not understand how Joe Esposito was not rocketed to superstar status on the basis of this song alone.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The More You Know...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1
Check out this PSA for some hard core hip hop...I hope for the sake of rappers everywhere this tool was gunned down outside of Hot 97 (or stabbed at the Source Awards). I'm sure when he was just a young b-boy dreaming of gangsta rap stardom that this is exactly what he had in mind. While his peers were rapping about the perils of the thug life, this cat is laying down monster rhymes about copyright law.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why You Shouldn't Do Drugs

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 0
When did Eddie Van Halen turn into a skeezed out meth-head? I mean I knew the guy liked to party but this is ridonculous. He looks like the cryptkeeper after a week long bender of gas rags and gut punches. I'm glad to hear he's getting help...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Movie Spoilers

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There are so many classic movies out there that I either haven't had or made time to see over the years that I was glad to see this little piece by Steven Leckert in this months Wired magazine. Just read through this list and save yourself some time. Since this is a list of "spoilers" you are reading at your own risk, don't get mad at me if you find out something you don't want to know.

Vader is Luke's dad -- The Empire Strikes Back
Rosebud was his sled -- Citizen Kane
She's her sister and her daughter -- Chinatown
Norman is the killer (in drag) -- Psycho
Verbal is Keyser Soze -- The Usual Suspects
Doc is dead -- The Sixth Sense
Earth, in the future -- Planet of the Apes
Dog gets put down -- Old Yeller
Soylent Green is people! -- Soylent Green
He dumps her -- Gone With the Wind
Life is a simulation (whoa) -- The Matrix
Husband is in on it -- Rosemary's Baby
She is a he -- The Crying Game
Dave disconnects HAL -- 2001: A Space Odyssey
Split personality -- Fight Club
Citizens paint town red -- High Plains Drifter
Wife's head in box -- Se7en
Maggie shot Mr. Burns -- The Simpsons
Mistress shot J. R. -- Dallas
Laura Palmer's father did it -- Twin Peaks
Double suicide -- Romeo and Juliet
42 -- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Boys are rescued -- Lord of the Flies
Whale destroys boat, lives -- Moby-Dick
Shark destroys boat, killed -- Jaws
He buries himself -- The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Gatsby is murdered -- The Great Gatsby
A-P-P-L-E -- The Da Vinci Code
John commits suicide -- Brave New World
Burned books are memorized -- Fahrenheit 451
Mark Felt is Deep Throat -- Watergate
Greek soldiers in horse -- The Trojan War
Samus Aran is a woman -- Metroid
Prisoner is saved -- The Pit and the Pendulum
She's an actress -- Lonelygirl15
They're all in on it -- Murder on the Orient Express
There is no Santa -- Christmas

Friday, March 09, 2007


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If you're awesome then you already known about If you'd like to be awesome, stop reading now and proceed immediately to that site. After you've stopped laughing 2 or 3 days from now, report back to this blog and continue reading.

ok...for those of you still with me, if you're looking for a new ringtone for that fancy new cellphone you just got, you could do worse than this little number right here. Direct from everyone's favorite psychopathic luchador Strongbad...I give you Trogdor.

Incidentally, you can find this and other free ringtones at Ringtonesoup. It's kinda rad to not have to pay $3 for a new tone when you get tired of hearing Jay-Z every time one of your peeps calls.


For anyone who's tried to read my blog over the past week or so I apologize for it not being available. I bought a domain name (it's a long story) and I thought since I have it I might as well use it instead of the standard address. At any rate, the doorknobs in tech support over at could not seem to figure out how to create a new dns entry for me to point my newly purchased domain name to Googles DNS server. After about 10 emails I finally just said screw it...I'll go back to my other domain name. So I'm back...thanks for your patience.
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